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Monika - Chapter 13
“How do I look?”
Feliciano could not pull himself away from the mirror in his hotel room. He straightened his tie and flattened out the last wrinkle in his dress shirt. Only an hour remained until the start of the meeting, and he was still getting dressed. The longer he stood there, the more “flaws” in his appearance he noticed. He had never spent so much time picking out one outfit, but for some reason he just didn’t feel satisfied. Daisy, on the other hand, had been ready for several minutes, makeup included. She sat on the edge of her bed on the opposite side of the room, putting her shoes on, while Feli had not yet made it to that point.
“Very professional,” she replied. “As you always do, I might add. So why all the sudden anxiety over your appearance? Don’t tell me it has anything to do with Monika.”
“Ve, what makes you think that?”
“Well, first of all you didn’t deny it just now. Second of all, I
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Monika - Chapter 12
"I'm sorry to bother you with this so early, Feli, but… your brother knows about you and Monika."
Feliciano fell silent upon hearing these words. He repeated them over and over again in his mind, trying to process how in the world that was even possible. He had only told Ludwig, and Monika had only told Daisy and Julchen. He could only think that one of them must have said something, but why?
"He called me up a little while ago demanding to know where you were," she explained, as if she had been able to read his thoughts. In reality, the several moments of silence on his end had suggested that he couldn't comprehend the statement, so she had decided to elaboate.
"So you told him?"
"Sort of. I figured you would have told him you would be gone, and so my first reaction was to say 'You didn't know he was spending five days in Berlin?' After that he sort of put the pieces together and figured it out. Or rather, he jumped to the conclusion and just happened to
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004 - Dark
A storm raged through the night outside the Edelstein estate while those who lived there huddled safely beneath their covers. Among these residents were Adam and Christina, a pair of dark-haired, eight-year-old twins who could not sleep no matter how hard they tried. The low rumbles of thunder, the sound of raindrops pounding against the window, and the wind practically shaking the whole house kept them awake. To make matters worse, they knew that storms such as these often led to power outages, and nothing terrified either of them more than the dark. They both kept nightlights on in their bedrooms, but without electricity running to them, they would obviously be no good.
Christina, the braver of the twins, slid out of bed with her blanket draped over her shoulders. She decided to make her way towards her brother's bedroom in case the power did go out—then they would at least be together when it did, and they would both be a little less scared.
She began at a normal stroll toward
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003 - Light
One Christmas Eve night, Arthur could not sleep no matter what he tried. It was not, however, the anticipation of the holiday keeping him awake—it was Alfred. The American seemed to toss and turn every few minutes, leading the Brit to conclude that some things just never change.
Seven years of parenting had certainly aged Alfred. He behaved more calmly and maturely than he once did, and his face had come to appear like that of a man in his mid-twenties. This did not stop him from becoming just as excited for Christmas as he always had, though. In fact, he often expressed his impatience more than his own children as they all waited for the special day. Clearly, this year was no different.
"Alfred, love, you need to calm down and try to rest," Arthur whispered. "There are still several hours until daylight, and it won't come any faster for either of us if you can't lay still and go to sleep."
"I know," Alfred said, releasing a heavy sigh. "I'm sorry I get like this every year, but
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Feliz Navidad
A side story to my 100 Themes Challenge
Why Ludwig and Feliciano thought it was a good idea to invite both sides of their family over for Christmas Eve, Dante would never know.
He loved his uncles, he really did, but he didn’t think he could trust their judgment any more. Having just his Padre and Gilbert in the same room meant chaos; add to that his Papa, Ludwig and Gilbert’s daughters, and a pack of beer, and you had an environment that he didn’t particularly enjoy. Everyone became loud rather quickly, and became louder as the beers began disappearing. As an introvert, Dante preferred a quiet atmosphere away from people. He didn’t want to leave and risk appearing rude, so he instead settled for the next best thing: resigning himself to the corner of the living room, away from everyone else.
It wasn’t that he didn’t like his family. He just wasn’t as social as the rest of them. He didn’t have much in common with them, eithe
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002 - Love
Vash had never wanted kids of his own. In fact, he hadn’t wanted anything at all to do with children. Through an unusual set of circumstances, however, he managed to find himself as the caretaker for two of them—a little girl from Scotland, and a little boy from Denmark.
It all began when Allistor Kirkland found himself in a rather difficult situation. A young woman from a family he knew had given birth to a child she could not keep, and had unfortunately had an unusually hard time finding an adoptive family. Reluctantly, Allistor had taken the child in, and called her Gabriella. He had known he could not keep her for the long term, however; being a father just didn’t suit him, and so he had put the word out to other nations that he was looking for a permanent home for Gabby. Most of them hesitated at the idea, as their hands were full with their own children. Then Lili caught wind of the situation.
She adored the other nations’ babies, and had wanted one of her
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001 - Introduction
It is commonly known among mortals that the personifications of countries will live for as long as the world needs them.
Less commonly known, however, is that the world never needed both a male and female personification of each nation. Not really. As long as there is at least one alive to look out for their section of the earth, the other is free to give up their immortality as they please. This being said, most choose not to, as they feel it is their duty as a nation to watch over their people no matter what. It is also not quite as simple as making some agreement with the universe that they would no longer be immortal. There are a number of processes that they can go through to achieve this, the simplest being through having children.
When Feliciano and Ludwig learned that they would be having a child, they didn’t know what to do. They had not planned on it, and neither one had even considered giving up their immortality as an option. A few weeks later, they received news of a
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Monika - Chapter 11
“So now that you’re here, do you mind telling me exactly why you need to stay with me for five days?”
The week before, Feliciano had called Ludwig and announced that he would like to visit Berlin as soon as possible. When Ludwig asked why, Feliciano did not give him a straight answer, but instead told him, “I’ll tell you when I get there.” This seemed rather odd, but he did not ask any further questions.
However, curiosity had begun to get the better of him. He would have been satisfied with “I just wanted to come for a visit,” as that was a rather common occurrence, but something in the Italian’s voice that night on the phone had suggested that perhaps there was more to it. They had not even made it out of the airport when he decided to find out what was really going on.
“Well, truth is,” Feliciano confessed, “I actually came to see Monika.”
“Oh?” the German asked, raising one eyebrow.
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Monika - Chapter 10
Feliciano paced around his bedroom.
It had been approximately two and a half weeks since the last meeting, after which he and Monika had gone out to dinner. He hadn’t been able to stop thinking about their relationship ever since then. He could live with knowing his feelings for her would never be returned; the problem was that he couldn’t for the life of him figure out how she felt. She continued to send him mixed messages, and not knowing if she actually had feelings for him was starting to drive him crazy.
He took a seat on his bed and stared across the room at his cellphone, which sat on his desk. He wanted to call her and ask. It wasn’t that hard to just pick up the phone and do it. That’s what he tried to tell himself, at least, but of course those types of things are much easier said than done.
He stood again, and continued pacing.
He knew she could never resent him for being honest, even if she didn’t have feelings towards him. She would at least a
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Monika - Chapter 9
Ludwig and Monika stepped into the conference room in Venice for the next world meeting, followed closely by their older siblings. Unsurprisingly, they found the place nearly empty. The only ones who had arrived ahead of them were the two personifications of Switzerland, who sat at the far end of the large table engaged in quiet conversation. The country’s female personification momentarily gazed in their direction upon their arrival, but otherwise, neither one of them really acknowledged their presence. The Germans were not offended, though, as they were used to the two keeping to themselves most of the time.
Monika inspected the room, hoping there would be enough space for everyone. Despite being it called a “world” meeting, she suspected the term was only used for lack of a better word. It certainly sounded simpler than a “Europe plus parts of Asia and North America” meeting, which better described the countries that typically attended. Even with that i
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Monika - Chapter 8
The hotel room was dark when Monika returned there later that evening. Ludwig had been reading in bed when she left, but had apparently decided to turn in for the night while she was away. She closed the door as gently as possible behind her, hoping to not disturb him. Rather than waiting for her eyes to adjust, she stumbled about in the blackness for a few moments as she searched for the duffel bag she had used to transport her clothing. During this time, she heard her male counterpart begin to stir.
“You’re back,” he said.
Sheisse, did I wake you?” she asked in a half-whisper.
“No, you’re fine; I had just turned out the light before you came in. What held you up?”
“The whole thing was a setup.”
“A setup?”
Able to clearly see different objects now, Monika located her bag and unzipped it. She reached inside it and groped around until she found what felt like her pajamas, as she couldn’t quite make out
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Monika - Chapter 7
“Remind me again as to why you had to do this tonight.”
A warm evening breeze picked up off the ocean, carrying the dense aroma of salt through the air around the pair of nations as they walked along the narrow stone streets. The Italian took in a deep breath, loving every moment of it all. Venice was her home, and she couldn’t imagine being happy living anywhere else. It was truly a part of her, after all. Her German companion, on the other hand, was less than enthused about the situation. Monika couldn’t deny that she enjoyed the unique atmosphere of the place, but with an early flight scheduled for the next morning, she wished to be in her hotel room preparing for bed rather than heading back to Feliciano’s house, where she had already spent much time over the past couple days.
“I have other things that need doing tomorrow and I don’t know what kind of plans Feli has for the day. Besides, I knew you wouldn’t mind seeing him one last ti
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Monika - Chapter 6
Ludwig, Daisy, and Monika actually stayed at Feliciano’s home much longer than they expected to. They felt more relaxed than they had in a long time, simply because they had decided to take the afternoon off. All four of them had been working hard lately. Of course, a nation’s work never ends, but it is okay for them to take a break now and then, which is something they often forgot. Smiles and laughter brought about by casual conversation reminded them of this, giving all of them a more positive outlook on their days to come. Of course, Monika couldn’t stop thinking about what Feli had said to her. She wondered if it meant anything at all or if he was just being polite. She tried to push that out of her mind, though, and just enjoy the few hours they were all spending together.
The group fell silent when they heard the front door click open. Tensions rose, and although they all tried to remain calm, they couldn’t quite help it. They knew without looking who had
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50 Sentence Challenge
Hetalia [Second Generation]
1. Hunger –“WOAH, A TWINKIE!” the British-American exclaimed, retrieving the processed snack from the furthest reaches of his backpack while his redheaded friend looked on in amazement, wondering just how long the thing had been in there.
2. Gentle – Even after years of being together, Dante always found himself melting under the sensation of Adrian’s fingertips upon his skin.
3. Blaze—Mia Elena could only gaze in awe upon the boy who had just entered her papa’s kitchen; his name suited him perfectly, with his bright red hair and fiery yellow eyes to go with it.
4. Focus—As a native Spanish-speaker, Dante could never quite understand how anyone could fail a course in the language… until he agreed to tutor Taylor Kirkland.
5. Pool—Adrian never thought pools of emeralds existed until he found two in the eyes of his best friend.
6. Bell—Taylor didn’t know why, but something abou
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Monika - Chapter 5
As it turns out, Feliciano was able to see Monika much sooner than expected. Monika made contact with the Italians as promised, and was able to set up a time to meet about the things her boss wished for her and Ludwig to discuss with them. Two weeks after leaving Berlin, Feliciano and Daisy were meeting them at the airport.
“I’m so excited to see them again,” Feliciano mentioned to Daisy. He bounced up and down as he watched for them, knowing their plane would be landing any moment. “I’ve talked to both of them almost every day, at least by text, but it’s not the same as seeing them in person, you know?”
Si,” Daisy agreed. “We’re lucky we get to see them as often as we do, even though it’s usually on business.”
“Yeah; I hope I get to see Monika now as much as I see Ludwig. It was really fun when the four of us hung out together.”
Daisy watched her counterpart in mild amusement for a moment
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:wave: Hello!
My name is Rachel, and I am a small-town college student from Vermont (though I'm currently attending school in New Hampshire.) I enjoy drawing and writing, and spend much of my free time working on fanfiction and playing the sims (2 and 3). My biggest fandoms are Hetalia and Kingdom Hearts.

I have been a deviant since November 27, 2009. My original account is XerchalXV, which has a few good fanfics on it if you would like to check them out. Most of my quality work will be here, however. I started this account with the intention of using it to develop some OC's, but realized that I tend to go through phases of inspiration/motivation for doing so, and then I don't do anything with them for a long time. When I began to feel like I needed a fresh start, I decided to put this account to good use and moved everything I do here.

And since I don't really like talking about myself, here are some stamps I thought fit me~
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I don't know about you

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